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Looking after your dogs coat

I have been meaning to do this for a while but in light of the current lock-down due to the corona virus, I realised that people are in need of it more than ever so here is - a brief guide to looking after your dogs coat between grooms.  I have thrown it together quickly and am using videos made by other groomers so you have it while you need it.  Remember that the longer and curly coats are the ones that will need extra looking after during this period.


Here are some of the tools that you may need to look after your dogs coat.  I have given links to them on amazon so that you can easily see what to look for.  I didn't check prices so you may find a cheaper version and you should also be able to find a version of each of these in the pet shops which are still open.

First a slicker brush.  This brush can be purchased at amazon.  It does not need to be this particular one but you do want a slicker brush rather than a pin brush or bristle brush.

Next a comb.  This comb would do the job.  Look for one with wider teeth one end and finer teeth the other end, this may make it easier to work on different areas of the body.

A conditioning or detangling spray will make it easier to work on your dogs coat and will also protect the hair, just like using a leave on conditioner for us.  Generally you don't need much, just a light spray.  Make sure that you read the instructions.  I use 'The Stuff' but it is quite expensive for the ready mixed bottle.  An alternative would be the Animology Detangle spray.


I did come across a big issue when I considered how I would present information to you.  Ideally I would have liked to make a video of me brushing out a dog, however, I don't have a long coated dog, I only have Buster.  Thankfully a fellow dog groomer has released videos on you tube which I can link to below.

Often when people brush their dog they brush over the top of the coat leaving the top half of the hair looking quite nicely brushed but if you part the hair down to the skin you can see knots and matts forming in the fur near the skin.  To solve this you should try to use a method called line brushing and always use a comb to check that the area is tangle free.

One of my fellow dog groomers Tanya, of Brittanya Pet Grooming Salon, has released a series of four videos on you tube to aid people to care for their pets during this time.  The one below is the brushing video but her other 3 are worth a watch too.  I am sure that they will help you while you are having to care for your pets.

Finally, it will be harder to keep the coat brushed as it gets longer so you will need to start now and do it regularly.  Try to do a bit each day but make sure that you move around the dog so that each area get brushed at least once a week. If you really can't get a small knot out you are better snipping it out with scissors than leaving it there as it will only get bigger and harder to remove.

Any of my current clients are welcome to give me a call if they would like any further information on how to look after their dogs until we can get back to normal grooming appointments. 

I hope that his information helps.