Benson - Springer Spaniel puppy - Grooming by Tracey - Hertford and Stevenage

Your Pup's First Visit

I am not taking on new clients at the moment but I would like to give you some advice on introducing your puppy to a grooming salon.  

Your puppy’s first professional grooming experience must be a good experience as it will set your dog up for a lifetime of grooming salon visits.  It is extremely important to get your puppy used to the sounds, smells and sights of a grooming salon before they turn 6 months.  Look for a salon which will offer your puppy an introduction appointment.

What does a Puppy Introduction entail?

This will vary from salon to salon but generally a shortened version of the grooming service is provided.  It may include a bath and dry or just a brush out and normally includes trimming around the eyes and a nail trim should it be necessary.


How can you help? - Practice at home

Remember your pet has a mind of its own and a groomer will be working with sharp clippers and scissors.  Dogs do not just stand still for grooming, they need to be trained to do so.  Things to do at home that will help are as follows:

  • Groom your puppy daily, even if only for 5 minutes.  It is a great bonding experience and your puppy will soon get used to the brush and comb.
  • Stand small dogs on a table to groom them (be safe though and don't let them jump off).
  • Practice handling each day, especially holding their face, ears, feet and tail.  Also try gently holding the hair under their chin (tip: do this while you give them kisses!)
  • Do not let them snap or play with the hoover or hair dryer at home.  This can cause us problems when we are trying to dry and clip your dog at the salon as the noise is similar.

The next step is a full groom!  Hopefully your puppy will be pleased to see your groomer and will take the full grooming process in their stride!