Grooming Procedure

What to expect

Full Groom - for those needing a haircut

  • When you arrive we will have a short consultation where I will find out about your dog and discuss your dog's required haircut.
  • I will let you know what time to collect him (most breeds take from 1.5-2 hours)
  • I will take him through to the grooming room where a warm bath will be waiting
  • I will bath him in my hydrobath with premium shampoos and conditioners as appropriate to his coat and skin requirements
  • I will towel off your dog and fully dry his coat.  The dryer also removes a lot of dead coat.
  • I then brush the coat through removing dead hair and knots.
  • Nails are trimmed and ears are cleaned
  • I now use clippers, if necessary, to achieve the desired style
  • I scissor the coat to get the final finish
  • A spritz of cologne and your dog is finished
  • Your dog will now prance from the grooming room with a 'Wow! Look at me' expression on his face!

Brush, Bath and Blowdry - for those who just need cleaning

  • The grooming process is the same as with those having a full groom, although skipping the clipping and scissoring
Short coated dogs benefit from:
  • removal of dead coat
  • shampoo which will leave your dog smelling fresh (believe me - Buster swims in the river most days and yet he still smells fresh for quite some time after his bath!)
  • Nail trim and ear clean
  • The blow dry will leave their coat soft and shiny - not so easy to achieve in the bath at home.