Services and Prices

I have a home based salon fully equipped with a massaging hydrobathing system, high velocity dryer and a large pot of dog treats.  

All prices shown are based on a regularly groomed, well behaved dog of normal size for its breed.  Obviously prices will very from dog to dog and even from visit to visit.  Call me for a chat if you would like a more accurate price.

Small breeds (eg. Yorkie/Westie)                               Starting from £25.00-£30.00
Medium breeds (eg. Cocker/Springer)                      Starting from £30.00-£35.00

Large breeds (eg. GSD/Standard Poodle)                Starting from £35.00-£60.00

Brush, Bath and Blow-dry                                          Starting from £15.00
(includes nail trim and ear clean)

Excess Matt removal                                                    £5.00 per 15 mins

(minor matt removal is included in the basic price)

Nail Trim                                                                    
(call me to see when I will be in your area and it will be convenient for me to pop in)

Puppy groom - Look at my puppy page for more information.

If you require something not listed above please call me.