From Elaine, owner of Toastie, a cocker spaniel

I am so pleased with the cut and groom Tracey gave my cocker spaniel 'Toastie' yesterday. I have been to many groomers in the past, some bad, some ok and some quite good, but never until I found Tracey have I been 100% delighted with the results! Tracey did exactly what I asked, and the result was amazing! She even found a tiny growth on Toastie's ear which she brought to my attention and attended to. I would never have noticed this myself, but now I am aware of it, I will be able to keep my eye on it in case it needs further treatment.  
I have recommended Tracey to all my friends, and even though I am 30 minutes drive away from Stapleford, Toastie and I will be regular visitors from now on!

From Debbie, owner of Pumpkin, a cockerpoo

I was so pleased with how Pumpkin looked after her first appointment with Tracey! My dog is only 7 months old and slightly nervous, but Tracey was so gentle and reassuring with her, which is just what you want when this is your dog's first time being groomed. Needless to say we have been back since!!

From Sarah, owner of Molly, a cairn terrier

Tracey combines perfectly the skill and care required all wrapped up in a natural genuine love of dogs. My ancient Cairn terrier looked amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend.:)

By Caroline, owner of Oscar, a labrador

I was very impressed with Oscars groom! He hadn't had a bath in a long while, and smelt awful!! He was also Moulting horrendously and it was becoming a real issue. Since i've taken him to Tracy, he not only smells great, but the shedding stopped almost immediatley! I would definately recommend Grooming by Tracy ( in fact, iv'e already told countless people!!) Thanks Tracy - we'll be back!

From Sophie, owner of Eddy, a shih tzu

Eddy has been to Tracey for grooming several times and looks super each time. He clearly enjoys the experience!

From Karen, owner of Bonnie, a terrier cross

I have used a couple of grooming parlours in the past 20 years and have been happy with their work, that is, untill I went to Tracey's. I'm never going to go anywhere else. What a fantastic service, it is the best I have ever seen. Even though my Bonnie girl is beautiful, she came out looking stunning and smelt gorgeous and not of the usual river smell. Even though her appointment was in October, she still looks and smells great.